You might have noticed that there’s a new update for Windows 10 called the “Creators Update” (if you haven’t noticed it yet, keep an eye out for it because you’re likely to see it very soon). Though you might be one of those people that wants to keep their machine as updated as possible, Microsoft wants you to wait it out until they roll it out for you.

The reason? They want to be able to roll it out to a few PC/laptops at a time so that they can keep a close eye on and quickly remove any bugs that should appear as they happen. They can’t necessarily do that if you decide to get it whenever you want, which means that your system might end up getting infected with a particularly nasty bug that could potentially completely ruin it.

You see, in rolling out the update themselves and monitoring it as they do so, Microsoft will be able to block the update from other devices if they see an issue and keep it off of other machines while they fix it. In choosing to manually update your system, you will effectively bypass any blocks that the company has put on the update.

This update is certainly smoother than the Anniversary Update, but it’s not without its own issues

Though the biggest problem being reported right now is an issue with being able to connect certain Broadcom radios to Bluetooth, there are very likely much larger, more dangerously disastrous problems at risk (otherwise why would Microsoft issue such a statement?).

The update is being rolled out onto newer machines first because they’re less likely to have incompatible hardware and drivers, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen or heard anything about it until now. If you have an older machine, you should definitely hold off on the update unless you really know what you’re doing and are prepared to put in some serious work should things end up going south.

So, long story short you should wait for the update regardless of your systems age unless you potentially want to deal with some (possibly serious) issues, but if your machine is an older one you’re taking a much bigger risk.

Has the update been rolled out onto your system yet? Have you had any issues and what do you think about it?