Generally, when you come across a webpage that you’d like to read at a later time, you add it to your bookmarks and go on with your day. The problem with this method (especially if you’ve saved more than a couple) is that your bookmarks can easily be buried and forever forgotten about.

Open Me Later is an incredibly handy and easy to use extension for Chrome that gives you the opportunity to schedule those web pages to open whenever you’ll have some free time. Though there aren’t a whole lot of settings or features, people who constantly experience this problem could definitely find some use in it.

With Open Me Later, you’re able to schedule your pages to open at a specific time, on whatever day (or days; if you’d like to use it to open someone specific for work tasks Mon-Fri, it’s very doable) you’d like, and you can even choose whether you’d like it or them to open in a new tab or window. You require daily and/or weekly specific opens? No problem!

There is one small (read: possibly major depending on what you’re planning to use it for) issue – The settings you apply to one page seem to apply to all pages. Perhaps one day the developers will make it so that you can schedule various pages with various settings, but unfortunately, that day is not today.

Nevertheless, if you need to be able to open a specific page (or pages!) at a certain time, this extension will do what you need without you needing to remember anything. If this sounds like something you’d like to give a shot for work related tasks or any other reason, you can learn more by clicking here.