Being a dog owner can be incredibly rewarding but you also need to be responsible – after all, your dog depends on you. While feeding, walking, playing and doing all the chores that involve taking care of your furry friend may seem tedious for those who’ve never experienced the love of a dog, us dog owners actually enjoy doing all of these things. However, we have some clever lifehacks for dog owners that will surely make your life easier.

Put a ball in your dog’s food if he’s a fast eater

Use a damp rubber glove to remove hair from your furniture

Play fetch downhill and your dog will get tired faster

You can make a budget-friendly toy from old jeans

Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from your carpets

Dilute your dog shampoo to make it last longer. It will also be easier to apply

Remove pet urine from your carpet with baking soda

Apply some enzymatic dog toothpaste onto your dog’s favorite chew toy if he hates having his teeth brushed

Freshen up your dog’s breath by sprinkling some parsley on top of his food

Stuff your Kong with peanut butter or cheese instead of buying special