Having a dual-SIM smartphone allows you to make and receive calls using two different SIM cards. Many people find this more convenient than having to use two phones. However, did you know this also allows you to run two WhatsApp accounts on your Android?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning this is not a feature provided by WhatsApp but it is possible and you don’t need a rooted device to do it.

How to run two WhatsApp accounts on your Android

As I already mentioned, to run two WhatsApp accounts on your Android you will need a dual-SIM phone. That’s because WhatsApp identifies users using their phone numbers so you will need two different ones if you want to run two instances of the app on the same device.

Method 1- Use your manufacturer’s stock options

Before anything else, you might want to see if your device’s manufacturer doesn’t already provide a stock feature that would let you use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time.

This is especially true for Chinese manufacturers since many of them offer built-in apps that let you clone apps (not just WhatsApp) to use multiple instances.

Xiaomi phones, the cloning app is called Dual Apps, Oppo has Clone App, Honor has App Twin and on Vivo devices, it’s called App Clone. While these apps may have a slightly different UI the way to use them is pretty similar.

If you have a Xiaomi, Oppo, or Honor handset, install WhatsApp via GooglePlay if you haven’t done so already. Then, go to Settings and select your device’s cloning feature. Toggle on the switch next to WhatsApp. This will instantly create a new instance of the app on your device.

Even if your devices was produced by a different manufacturer, check the Settings and see if you have a similar option available.

If you own a Vivo phone, go to Settings -> App Clone and enable the “Display the Clone” option. Then, tap the plus (+) icon next to WhatsApp.

Once you have two copies of WhatsApp on your phone, launch the second one and set it up just like you did the first time. Obviously, at the end of the setup, you will need to verify your phone number. Make sure you enter your second phone number because if you enter the one you’re already using in the first WhatsApp instance you will simply switch the access to the second app.

Method 2 – Use Parallel Space

If your Android device doesn’t come with a stock app cloning feature no need to worry. It’s still possible to install another copy of WhatsApp but you will still need a dual-SIM device.

The easiest method we’ve found is using an app called Parallel Space. It’s an excellent cloning app that creates a virtual space where you can install apps which makes it possible to clone any app, not just WhatsApp.

Start by downloading Parallel Space from the Play Store. Once the application is installed, launch it and it will display the Clone Apps page.

Select WhatsApp (and any other apps you might want to clone) then tap the “Add to Parallel Space” option. Then, the app will open the parallel space where you can run the second copy of WhatsApp in a virtual installation. Finally, set up your second WhatsApp just like you did the first one.